R.C. Impianti is a company operating in civil and industrial fields for the construction of technological plants. It was founded in 1996 in Valle del Mela. By the time the company has specialized in capillary way into the different sectors of thermotechnics and hydraulic plants.

R.C. Impianti manages the entire project of the plant, by looking at the following phases:

Design: followed by specialized designers who are constantly kept up on subjects related to the sector;

Construction: performed by qualified and certified technicians

Maintenance: ordinary, extra-ordinary and preventive maintenance.

The company carries out every work with the maximum commitment and punctuality towards the customer’s requests. The strong point of the company is the high professionalism and the high level of experience of the operators, which combined with the technological innovation has led the company to win contracts for renowned companies in national and international context.



Experience as an improvement for the future …

R.C. Impianti is constantly looking for innovative and eco-sustainable solutions, optimization of management costs, efficiency and reliability of the used materials which guarantee the maximum safety and maximum comfort for every need. 



The mission of R.C. Impianti is a solution that promotes a new plant design based on the use of renewable energy and on the use of alternative fuels, so as to reduce the environmental impact in order to be competitive on a national and international sphere.